The Party Starts with a Great DJ


Our chill wedding and event DJs know how to get your crew, your fam … and even your relatives … down for an epic party. We are super talented, super passionate and super friendly. It’s your wedding or event and it’s all about what you want. We know how to pack a dance floor. Woot! Woot! Go ahead, Google us and you’ll see why so many Wine Country venues recommend AMS DJs.

Meet Our DJs

DJ Scott Lapinski
DJ Scott Lapinski


When it comes to playing the right song at the right time, Scott has a way on the decks like a sous chef in a kitchen. Mixing the right songs like ingredients to create the perfect musical atmosphere for any occasion. Raised from a young age listening to Motown to adolescence years glued to hip-hop, his pallet for good music grew as he got older. No matter the path in life he chose, music has always been a big part of it. Getting his first set of turntables in 2002, he finally found a way to share his musical passion to others in Djing and hasn’t looked back since. Born and raised in West Sonoma County, Scott has been packing dance floors for over a decade. His sets represent the wide diversity of his love for every type of music genre. From country to electronica and classical to Top 40, Scott isn’t particular when it comes to music. He just loves everything and anything that ” just sounds good”.

Tidbits about Scott:

  • Avid weather, ham radio and wristwatch geek.
  • Loves public safety and everything related from radio communications to fire aviation.
  • Enjoys camping with family and friends.
  • As a history major in college, he loves reading and watching history documentaries.
  • His happy place is spending time with his beautiful family and sometimes finds a moment to himself behind the decks losing himself in trance music (his favorite music).

To see if we are available to crush your party, email or call, text 707-823-7359.



Have you ever dreamed of having your wedding reception guests sing at the top of their lungs to every one of your songs?  Or perhaps you’ve always dreamed of such an epic dance party that your guests are still talking about it on your Anniversary…years later? Well, this is all possible and more with Alex as your DJ.  He loves music, he breathes it.  He can’t live without it.  For Alex, DJing means helping others have their dream wedding become a reality.  Don’t let Alex’s chilled, laid-back style fool you. He is awesome at dealing with any last minute changes- nothing phases this pro!  From Mashups to old school, he knows how to throw a dance party like he knows how to handle a soccer ball (like the back of his hand, in case you were wondering). But don’t take it from us, take it from one of his clients:

“Alex killed it – awesome DJ! The wedding reception had an awesome flow, and he threw a hell of a dance party!”

Rob & Marina at Vine Hill House

Tidbits about Alex:  He…

  • can’t live without his wife, Sam, 2 sons & family
  • bleeds yellow and green…diehard Oakland A’s fan
  • speaks French and is a connoisseur of good food & drinks
  • has hobbies ranging from sporting activities to reading

To see if we are available to crush your party, email or call, text 707-823-7359.



What a voice!  Andy’s deep, rounding voice is an MC’s dream! He is a genuinely nice guy, a true professional and has amazing attention to detail.  He treats brides like GOLD. He truly cares about making people’s wedding day perfect and loves customizing the music format to fit each of his clients.  Maybe that’s why when a guest at a friend’s wedding that Andy was DJing for, heard and saw him in action, canceled the DJ company she had booked for her wedding because she wanted Andy instead.  That’s how good he is.

Andy did an amazing job at mixing and transitioning from song to song. The dance floor was never empty and our friends & fam had such an amazing time.”

Vanessa & Mike, Vine Hill House

Tidbits about Andy: 

  • can’t live without his wife, Mary, & their 2 daughters.
  • has a strong aversion to pickles & long walks on the beach.
  • enjoys hikes in the Redwoods.
  • grew up in Humboldt County.
  • loves to DJ!
  • has a happy place of sitting on the deck of a mountain cabin sipping some Jack Daniels.

To see if we are available to crush your party, email or call, text 707-823-7359.



Music isn’t just important to Emil, it’s life.  His background as a drummer, songwriter and singer says quite a bit about how important music is to Emil, but ask him why he loves to DJ and he parler avec passion, “I love DJing because music is a universal language that allows me to connect with virtually anyone through the medium of music”.  Emil’s extensive knowledge and passion for music, totally flexibility and positive attitude makes him a pleasure to have at any event.  That’s why our clients love him!

“Emil was amazing! He was professional, gracious, extremely organized, and had a wealth of ideas and feedback. He was a great MC for the reception and seamlessly kept everything running smoothly.”


Tidbits about Emil:

  • loves his 2 daughters, traveling, coffee in the morning & micro brews.
  • parle français (his first language was French).
  • doesn’t appreciate traffic jams, scallops, rabbit stew or pollution.
  • can’t live without his friends & family, the outdoors and music (of course).

To see if we are available to crush your party, email or call, text 707-823-7359.



The man. The myth. The legend. This music loving gentleman is in a league of his own.  Joe’s whole life has been surrounded by music. He started DJing at age 12, started AMS Entertainment at age 18, and has been creating epic parties since.  The master mixer of all, Joe blends current hits and throwbacks to create the quintessential dance party. You won’t find anyone who will take as much pride in your event as he does.  That’s probably because this isn’t just a job for Joe, it’s a profession and a passion. There is no such thing as a “cookie cutter” event with Joe and AMS Entertainment. Everything is custom fit for each couple so they experience a “truly them” unique event, with extraordinary customer service.

“Exceeded all of our expectations and kept the party rocking all night long…He mixed all of our selections beautifully and provided for an epic dance party.”

Sarah & Neil at Trentadue

Tidbits about Joe:

  • cannot live without coffee (aka: miracle juice).  And his wife. Not in that order.
  • loves Motown and old school throwbacks from the 80’s & 90’s.
  • enjoys re-runs of The Office.
  • believes life is about balance.  Which means always having a Blue Moon or a Kona Brew in the fridge.

To see if we are available to crush your party, email or call, text 707-823-7359.



He’s a Star Wars geek.  He runs marathons with his lovely wife.  And his dance parties rip roofs off of wedding venues.  DJ Skip is an elite, all-star pro when it comes to turning moments into memories.  While his personal playlist would include Classic Rock and Old School Hip Hop, Skip is awesome at reading the crowd and knows what songs to play to make dance floors go crazy.  His easy-going personality and service-oriented persona is an added bonus. He will blow your expectations for your event out the water!

“Skip, was great! He ran the toasts, the dances, and kept the music playing all night long.”

Jennifer & John at Foley Sonoma

Tidbits about Skip: 

  • loves his wife and best friend, Vanessa.
  • will take extra cheese on his sandwich, but please hold the mayo.
  • is remarkably good at running long distances:  6 marathons under his belt …with more to come!
  • has an alter ego…Nananananana Batman, yeah!

To see if we are available to crush your party, email or call, text 707-823-7359.



AMS Entertainment DJs know how to nail a party with a mix of your favorite jams including Top 40 Hits, EDM and hip-hop booty shakers, Motown and wedding classics without the played-out clichés or line dances. It’s in our DNA to make party planning easy, worry-free and all about YOU.


We hook you up with a Sonoma or Napa AMS DJ based on the input and song list you provide on our online music planner. Or you can request a particular DJ, too. You can meet in person, on Skype or via Facetime to review your music and get a feel for the vibe you want AMS Entertainment to create for you.


Every AMS DJ uses the same ultramodern equipment, has gone through AMS stringent customer service training and carries backup equipment. And we always have a trained DJ waiting in the wings because we all know, well … s**t happens.


AMS has five stars for a reason – they are just the best…And the night of our DJ just killed it!

-- Catherine & Bob, Trentadue Winery