Does a demo mix tell you if a DJ company is right for you?

So we often get asked for a demo mix.  I think couples think that a demo mix will allow them to separate the cheesy DJs from the good ones.  Or the good ones from the great.  

Most couples have never hired a DJ for their wedding.  But have probably seen one they hated.  It’s okay to admit that you are scared of hiring a DJ.  Cheesy MC skills, terrible music, scratching in the middle of a song.  We get it.  When you hire a professional DJ through AMS Entertainment it won’t be that way.  

Groomsmen packing the dance floor“We were both worried about the cheese-factor that frequently comes with wedding dj’s but were so, so pleased… Almost a month later and guests are still talking about how packed the dancefloor was all night long.”    Katherine & Michael, Lodge at Sonoma

So what does a demo mix tell you about how the DJ company will perform at your wedding?  

Not a whole lot.  Other than that they can produce a demo mix in a studio.  You see while we have a killer demo mix below (thanks, Merav!), it is not representative of how we are going to mix at your wedding or the music we will play since that will be tailored to you!


It won’t demo our attitude, ability to act as your MC, tech ability and, most importantly, how we will pack your dance floor and give you the epic party you have always wanted, playing the songs YOU want.

“We got a lot of compliments and had the epic dance party we wanted!”                                             Martine & Andrew, Union Hotel

Your AMS Entertainment DJ will read your dance floor integrating your song requests, jams they know will work, using their talents including beat-matching, cross-fading and the cool things DJs do. 

Packed dance floor

“AMS was awesome as DJ and MC at our wedding – 5 stars all around! … keeping the dance floor packed.”  Widya & Christian, Ramekins

If you’d like to learn more about how we can make your party epic and pack your dance floor for an unforgettable party – Call, text 707-823-7359 or email us today.


“We really loved working with Joe and Alex for our wedding.  Joe was immensely helpful and communicative in advance of the wedding, and AMS had really helpful online tools for planning out the details in advance which we enjoyed using….A great sound team is like a foundation of a house... if you don’t ever notice it, it’s doing a WONDERFUL job.  You only really notice the bad ones, and it can wreak havoc on an otherwise wonderful event.  AMS was a pleasure to work with and I definitely recommend using them if you’re in the area!”

-- Michael & Victoria, Beltane Ranch